New Moon in Scorpio October 30, 2016

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Here’s the chart for the Scorpio New Moon:2016-scorpio-nm-chart-ed

New Moon in Scorpio
October 30, 2016

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The sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, is associated with sex, death, and transformation. Scorpio is a water sign with a focus on introspection, intensity and intimacy. Ruled by Mars & Pluto, there is an emphasis on investigation, analysis, recycling, and transformation.

Issues involving shared resources, taxes, insurance, banking, credit, inheritances, trust, revenge, research, and magic become accentuated during the Scorpio cycle.

This is an excellent cycle to look at your compulsions and obsessions and where you feel in or out of control. To what extent do you use your power and to what end?

Scorpio symbol: Scorpion
Scorpio glyph:

Scorpio is a fixed sign, associated with imaginative intelligence; it rules the excretory system, genitals, and the prostate gland.

The key phrase for Scorpio is “I Desire”.

Tarot Symbolism

Attune to the qualities of Scorpio with a 3-minute tarot meditation on Death.


Death is the initiate of the Mysteries, he understands transformative power and reminds us that to live is to die and to die is to be reborn.

Confer with Death when there is resistance to change.

Scorpio Sits in the North-West by West on the Medicine Wheel.

The direction North-West points to the path of psychological intelligence. The sign Scorpio correlates to Introspection, the second step on the Western pathway of Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel.  A penetrating look at what you experienced during the Libra cycle will increase your self-knowledge and your ability to stand in your own power. The key to mastering magic lies in exploring the depths of mystery.

Sabian Symbol for 8º Scorpio:

“A Calm Lake Bathed in Moonlight.” This degree symbolizes the need for internal peace and the openness to receive illumination and inspiration.— from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases © 1973 Dane Rudhyar

Highlights of the New Moon at 7º Scorpio 44′:

This Scorpio lunation cycle begins amid an obsessive desire to escape the current stream of controversy, disappointment, and anger. Wracked nerves emanate from  feelings of being in an out-of-control no-win situation (Sun Moon quindecile Uranus and Venus conjunct Saturn; semi-sextile Pluto).  The emphasis this cycle is on connecting and communicating strong emotions. Applied creativity is the source of imaginative solutions, inspiring conversations, and misleading information (Sun, Moon & Mercury conjunct, trine Neptune and the South Node, and sextile the North Node). The desire to express a message energizes the exploration of intense and dark emotions via the language arts.(Mercury quintile Mars; semi-sextile Jupiter and Mars bi-septile Jupiter; semi-square Neptune).

Our advice for this cycle:

Strong emotions can emphasize feelings of insecurity or feelings of well-being.  The best way to navigate these particularly tense times is to focus on being centered within. It is an excellent time to connect to a deeper aspect of yourself, one which is usually kept private. Immerse yourself in the imaginative arts as you explore your emotional depths for the treasures that are yours to discover and share with the world. Keep a meditative journal, record your self-exploration.

Questions you might explore for personal insight include:

  • What is it you would most like to see changed?
  • What things can you release?
  • When do you feel most fearful?
  • How comfortable are you with your sexuality?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if you were to form more intimate connections?
  • Do you think you are being manipulating or manipulated and how does that make you feel?
  • What action can you take to step into your power?

Affirm: My words are empowered by emotional depths and heights of imagination.

Stay Current

The Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal posts at each phase with tips on working with the current cosmic and lunar energies.

Sandra shares her personal moon phase journal, Sunny’s Days. We invite you to join her walk through the year. Declare your intentions – start your own moon phase journal. Share your images, words, colors, and goals for this lunation cycle in the comments below the posts.

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Quote for this cycle:

“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be, you can’t see how it is.”
~ Ram Dass (1931 – ) American author and spiritual teacher

Mandala Support

A Mandala is a powerful meditation device for focusing sacred intentions. We encourage you to create your own mandala or print out and color the 2016 Scorpio New Moon Mandala to Color created by Sandra according to the geometric patterns prominent in the chart for the New Moon.


Please check out Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process. See her latest New Moon Mandala and read about her experience with the exercise. The energy flows in beautifully from one cycle into the next.

Off-site Resources:

In addition to her 2016 Lifecycle Forecast on our site, artist, author, educator, and dear friend, Donna Iona Drozda uses solar, lunar and numerological cycles as a blueprint for living the life of a “Heartist.” Keep up with her Lifecycle offerings and updates on her Lifecycle Blog, and be sure to subscribe to her Luna See email newsletter.

CJ Wright at Auntie Moon offers daily insights and other good lunar tidings at her website. She also has an excellent video: Moon Phases and New Moon Intentions.

Margaret Koolman’s New Moon insights can be found at her website, Margaret writes beautifully and offers excellent counsel.

Jessica Shepherd at has a great article titled Scorpio New Moon: Instant Transformation, where she says, “At this New Moon, transformations can happen instantly. We may need to drop our resistance, change our attitude or stop shying away from hard truths. Always, we know exactly what we need to do in our lives, but we’re so often the last one to listen.”

April Elliott Kent at Big Sky Astrology is adept at putting the current cosmic conditions into personally identifiable terms. Read her post Scorpio New Moon: Season of Long Shadows.

Stephanie Gailing, another of our favorites, offers her insights and apothecary suggestions in her post on the Scorpio New Moon. Her book, Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness, has tips on health-supporting foods, spa and wellness therapies, relaxation practices, yoga poses, aromatherapy, natural remedies, and flower essences customized for each Zodiac sign.

Lynda Hill takes a thorough look at the Sabian Symbols active this cycle.

Last but not least, Elaine Kalantarian writes about The Sun in Scorpio: Into the Depths.

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