02 The High Priestess



The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents the subconscious flow of creative intelligence. Draped in the knowledge of the ancient mysteries, she understands the art of reflection and the balance between inertia and action.

She is symbolic of water and the Moon.

The figure of Divine Inspiration, she teaches us to look within for the light from above.

Confer with The High Priestess to strengthen your intuition, develop your memory, aid the healing process or improve self-confidence.


Bring the consciousness of The High Priestess into your daily life:

The High Priestess image on journals, T-shirts, and mugs.


Imitate the pose of The High Priestess: sit (preferably next to a body or bowl of water) with your back straight, but not stiff, hands resting in your lap, and breathe…

Breathe in Light
Breathe out Peace
Breathe in Receptivity
Breathe out Love
Breathe in Empathy
Breathe out Harmony
Breathe in Awareness
Breathe out Truth

(Repeat 8 times)

Affirm: I Am One in Body, Mind and Spirit.