First Quarter Moon Phase

The Moon is waxing from 90 to 135 degrees ahead of the Sun in the zodiac. It rises in the east around noon and sets in the west around midnight.

The First Quarter phase is Active and Impetuous. It is about putting the past behind, seeking individuality, and taking the initial action necessary to achieve your goal. The activity during this phase must clear away the obstacles so that the vision of the New phase will have a secure foundation to develop and grow. What can you do to initiate the actualization of your vision for this cycle?  What insecurities are inhibiting you? During this phase emotional sensitivity and feelings of being misunderstood can block forward motion. It is important to move beyond the need for approval from others.

This phase involves the feeling-moving or kinesthetic body. The idea is to use body movement to generate energy that can then be channeled into creative expression. Physical action is the key to this initiating energy. Stretch, dance or engage in exercise to alleviate a sense of being blocked. Act on your feelings. Make phone calls. Write letters. FEEL & MOVE.

Keywords for the First Quarter phase are action, expression, growth, breaking away.