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I took the time during this Full phase to have an inner dialogue about the reality of my heritage, my denial of it and the disabling results. The topic was challenging to address face on, so to speak. I’m adept at the mental gymnastics used to avoid some things or justify others. What was most informing, though, was the ‘all or nothing’ tone of my self-talk.


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The Moon phase in my current Solar Return chart is Disseminating, thus all the sharing via this blog. Today I posted my First Quarter and Gibbous journal entries. Moon phase followers will note the connection between 1st Quarter and Disseminating phases.

My Aries lunation cycle in a nutshell:

Availed and committed myself to looking within.

Caught an uncomfortable glimpse of a long denied belief in the inferiority of my family origins and began the process of revision.

Articulating the self-appraisal I’d kept hidden was an effort but once named, out loud and in writing, it is less formidable and easier to begin seeing it in a more positive light.

What have you learned about yourself this cycle?

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