Gemini Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: June 23 – 27

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160525-0621-P1320240-Moon6-CloudsPut yourself in circulation.

Gemini lunation cycle, Disseminating phase

June 23 – 27
This is the stage of the cycle for sharing lessons learned. Collect your thoughts and share your feelings about your experience of this cycle. What did you find out about the way you receive, process and distribute information? What connects you to others? What are the prominent topics and tones of your conversations?

Release tension with physical activity to clear your head before speaking. A couple of jumping-jacks before presenting your thoughts will release tension and assist the flow of energy. Better yet, stand up and walk while you talk. Find an ecstatic dance club.

June 23 – 24 Moon in Aquarius
Be inventive; experiment with new technologies. Trade innovative and progressive ideas. Highlight what’s unusual about your information or unique about your communication style? Discuss revolutionary ideas.

June 24 – 26 Moon in Pisces
Discuss your dreams and fantasies. Share your feelings with those who will honor your privacy and be sensitive to information given to you in confidence. Probing emotional depths can open up a flow of love. Share your sense of Oneness. What arouses your feelings of passion and compassion?

June 27 Moon in Aries
Describe how your personal experiences have informed your communications. What kind of information inspires you to action and why? How would you characterize your connections with others?

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