Leo Lunation Cycle, New Phase August 2 – 6

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


2016 Leo new Moon Mandala

Leo lunation cycle, New phase

August 2 – 6
Use these 3.5-days to form your intent. Consider the house of your natal chart that holds 11º Leo. That is the area of your life that will benefit most from your attention during this creative cycle.

The sense of sight, inner and outer, is heightened during the New phase. What you see in your environment and the feelings evoked inform and anchor your experience for the cycle. Therefore, the more emotionally satisfying visuals you can expose yourself to, the better.

Envision your goal clearly and create a visual representation of it to use as a focus throughout the rest of the cycle.

August 2 – 3 Moon in Leo
Collect images that excite you relating to the Leo themes of courage, generosity, and trust.

Color the 2016 Leo New Moon Mandala in bright and vivid colors. Look for inspiring imagery like photos of your heroes or this video of a loving lion and his savior.



August 4 – 5  Moon in Virgo
Analyze the details of the imagery you have collected for similarities, in shades, shape or subject. Use your findings to create a colorful collage.

A Meditative Visualization for the Leo New Moon

Stand straight, legs wide for support, arms and hips parallel, knees relaxed, feet firmly on the ground and breathe deeply…

inhale Determination …

exhale Excitement …

inhale Love …

exhale Creativity …

inhale Power …

exhale Trust …

Imagine yourself a child at the playground.

Look around you at the playground equipment; a swing set, teeter-totter, roundabout, slide, and a trampoline. See a handful of laughing children beckon you to join them. Feel the thrill of excitement as you run toward your favorite piece of equipment.

Which activity did you choose?

Sandra shares her personal moon phase journal at Sunny’s Days. We invite you to join her walk through the year. Declare your intentions – start your own moon phase journal. Share your images, words, colors, and goals for this lunation cycle or on your blog and link to it in the comments.

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