2022 Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

2022 Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse Mandala
April 30, 2022
The Middle Way

The beauty and peace of this spring morning will forever be etched into my memory. There was a gentle rain falling softly to the ground and the grass was ever so verdant and lush. Delicate, precious spring flowers were everywhere… in the trees… sprouting up from the ground… and I was so reminded of the description Steven Forrest gives in his book ‘The Inner Sky’.  I encourage you to read it aloud, slowly:

“Exhausted by the fiery furnace of Aries, consciousness seeks pools of cool water, the solace of ancient stones, the healing rustle of birdsong among green leaves. It seeks peace. It trades the harangue for the symphony, passion for silence. No longer incandescent with the fire of battle, spirit reaches gnarled hands into the earth, feeling for seeds, for clay, for the flesh of the planet itself.

The symbol is a bull. Not the enraged monster furious at the red flag of the matador. Not the ferocious bull. But rather the tranquil one, standing solitary beneath a spreading April Oak, quietly surveying grass and sand, cattle and earth. Nothing frightens him. Gone is the fearsome posturing of the ram. The bull is so in control of his world, so far beyond fear that fearlessness itself has become meaningless to him. The Arian war has been won. Taurus is at peace.”

Reading this passage just makes me sigh.  So beautiful!  So peaceful!  So serene!!  And yet, as we all know, this feeling, would not last long.  It rained everyday for the next week., as if the heavens were already weeping over the additional polarizing events that would pull at us, individually and collectively, in opposite directions. And, I began to contemplate how 6 becomes “potentially integrated” and at peace.

The energy of the cycle is 6.  The more I experienced this cycle the more Solomon’s Seal came to mind… two interlaced, equilateral triangles, one pointing up, the other pointing down.  “Two trines, two kinds of understanding and vision – are potentially integrated here…  the sextile therefore refers to the ability to offer integrative solutions to bi-polar problems sometimes necessitating the harmonization of different approaches to solving them.” (Astrological Aspects, Leyla Real and Dane Rudhyar.)  Hence the wisdom of Solomon… a renowned sage with the ability to harmonize different approaches… different visions… different understanding. 

“You’d be surprised at how much you can have in common with someone completely different from you.”
~ Unknown

“The idea of “opposites attract” was first posited in psychology 
by Robert Francis Winch, who studied spouses in the 1950’s and 
came to the conclusion that it wasn’t similarities that
made a relationship work – rather it was complementarity.”
~ talkspace.com

The geometry of 6 comes to the same conclusion. Not only that opposites attract but that these same opposites are more the same than they are different.  Triangular shape aside, when the circle, or pie, is divided by 6, each of the two larger Triangles has 3 smaller triangles that belong solely to themselves (3 blue and 3 red). They are nothing alike.  However, six smaller triangles are shared by the two larger ones.  The larger triangles meet in the middle where they share the same space (purple).

“When things fall apart we find out who we really are.  
If we can see past the fear we find out what really matters  
and we learn that sometimes the things that set us apart 
can also bring us together.  
Because family is what we make it… 
each one of us… 
~Narrator, Sweet Tooth S1:E8
On Netflix

Family is what we make it… and is that not what we are?  Are we not together one whole, complete, human family? Anger polarizes… love and hope unify. The potential for peace is here.  The price is letting go of anger, letting go of an “all or nothing” mentality and quieting ourselves so we can hear and see the other view… finding our commonalities… the common ground on which we can stand together and build from there. The price is working together and doing our part. Remember the Asterisk Technique from last cycle? The mind-heart-action connection? Feel angry, yes… act out while angry, no.  It is not anger but love and hope that find the middle way… a constructive way forward.   We must find this middle way.  No fear.  No fighting. The place of peace where we are more the same than different.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx