Cancer Lunation Cycle July 9 – August 8, 2021

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Chart for the Cancer New Moon

Sabian Symbol for 19º Cancer

“A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony” The keynote of this degree is the ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships. — from An Astrological Mandala © 1973 Dane Rudhyar

Highlights of this lunation cycle:

The lack of any exact aspects in the chart for this cycle, aside from the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, suggests this period is best dedicated to reflecting upon your emotions. This is an opportunity to become familiar with the patterns and range of your feelings.

Consider how your relationships impact your emotions and and how your emotions impact your relationships.

Identify what you need to feel accepted, nurtured and protected.

There is tremendous potential for creatively transforming all things relating to Cancer and its House placement in your natal chart.

Moon Attunement

“I am The Moon
Ruler of Blue shadows and moist silence in
in the Bowl of Heaven.
I give form to creative force.
I am Fertile Matter
which sustains and nourishes
seeds of solar life.
I absorb the solar currents
by being passive, feminine, and receptive.
I am the sentient substance
of instincts, memories, and desires
waiting to be impregnated
by the light, heat, and power
of the Sun’s rays.
I am the Great Mother.
The ancient ones called me
one thousand names of mystery.
I am the Celestial Midwife
cherishing the Child of Divine Seed.
Sister of the Sun, the aress of The Mother,
I am the Breast of Life,
Lover of Lovers,
The Wisdom of the waters,
of instinct and ancestral experience,
of nature and spirit,
Fate and the motion of time.

From Changing Your Destiny: Dynamic New Astrological and Visualization Tools to Shape Your Future © 1989 by Mary and Richard A. Zarro