June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Gemini Lunation Cycle June 10 – July 8, 2021

Chart for the Gemini New Moon

Sabian Symbol for 20º Gemini

“A Modern Cafeteria Displays An Abundance Of Food, Products Of Various Regions” The keynote of this degree is the assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind. — from An Astrological Mandala © 1973 Dane Rudhyar

Highlights of this lunation cycle:

The Solar Eclipse, along with the Mercury Rx conjunction with the Sun, and the tight aspects from Saturn make this a powerful lunation cycle carrying the potential for creatively transforming all things relating to Gemini and its House in your natal chart.

Mercury Attunement

I am Mercury
Messenger of the Gods
the Divine Witness
of stars and starlight,
The God of Curiosity and Childhood.
As the Divine Herald,
the fastest, shrewdest, and
most cunning of the gods,
I have been blessed with laser perception
and a golden tongue.
I am The Great Mediator
reconciling all opposites,
since I see and understand
all points of view
and can explain them
always in continuous motion,
watching and collecting,
remembering and forgetting
as The Universal Transmitter.
I connect the spiritual and material
worlds, exchanging messages
and information from both,
reflecting the face of desire
or Light of the Spirit
with the speed of thought.

From Changing Your Destiny: Dynamic New Astrological and Visualization Tools to Shape Your Future © 1989 by Mary and Richard A. Zarro