Taurus Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: May 13 – 17

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Make a small, yet grand gesture.

Taurus lunation cycle, 1st Quarter phase

 May 13 – 17
It’s time to take an action in support of your self-sufficiency. Find a creative way of expressing your financial independence. Balance your checkbook, open a savings account, pay off an old debt, give away an unused possession or turn an ignored asset into cash.

A leisurely walk in nature will ease physical and mental tension. The more sensual the environment of your walk, the more beneficial. Take a walk in a wooded park, or a pine forest, or an arboretum, or a botanical garden, or any flower garden.

May 13
Recognize your self-worth and make a grand gesture. Do something kind and generous. Buy yourself something you need. Make a gift of something you’ve created.

May 14 – 16
These are good days to initiate a change in your fiscal or physical habits. A minor alteration to a routine behavior will have broad and lasting effects. Cultivate habits that will enhance your sense of abundance.

May 16 – 17
Consider your relationship with money. Is it harmonious? Do your resources equal or excel the amount of energy you put into maintaining them? If not, what can you do to bring them in balance?

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