Virgo New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Virgo New Moon
September 17, 2020
Faith not Fear

On the day of the new moon the energy had abated some… still heavy, yet moving ever so slowly forward… like molasses in winter or, in earth sign Virgo parlance, wading in mud… up to your hips in mud. On deck was the message of fear coming to me in many and varied ways … of entering the dark and how then to deal with the fear that comes.  

Virgo encourages us to get outside of ourselves – to be of service to others. The blue five pointed star on this mandala speaks to me of the body, a physical entity used by the spirit which is sent here on a mission, for a reason and a purpose. This month I decided that one of the ways I could be of service was to get back to my yarn work. I created a Prayer Shawl for someone I know and love who is perhaps struggling a bit with a new way of life. For her, a shawl filled with continued prayers that will hug her in her need, reminder her of how much she is loved, and supports her on her journey.

The seven interlocking circles initially spoke to me of the mind – thought bubbles. I had thought a red for them, but didn’t actually choose the color until I sat down to color. The way they are colored reminds me a bit of the red Auroras that are occurring at the end of the cycle, symbolizing an invitation to take the higher road as the oxygen atoms used to create the red color occur at higher altitudes than the green.  Seven, a spiritual number, here then in pomegranate red.  Pomegranate… symbolic of life, abundance, rise and fall, and heroic deeds.

That leaves the triangle, here in gold.  Triangle can mean many things.  For me in this mandala, it’s symbolic of The Trinity…  of higher thoughts and ways of being…. of our spiritual side.  The day I colored this mandala I woke up thinking about the famed song The Impossible Dream (The Quest).  Do yourself a favor and take a listen.  Jim Nabors sings my favorite rendition.

Crystal this cycle has been Malachite… it’s time to transform!  Not so much the physical self perhaps but the energy that comes to me.  Breathe in chaos… breath out calm.  Breathe in suffering… breath out compassion.  Breathe in pain… breathe out love.  I also read a great article on transforming emotions through sound shared by Pam Younghans on Facebook and shared to my page.  Be an agent of transformation, transforming the world in simple, quiet ways.

The Sabian symbol for 25 Virgo 1:  A Boy With A Censer Serves The Priest Near The Altar.  Symbolic, perhaps, of humble service.  The boy is young, innocent, perhaps with an angelic face and holds a tool that cleans and clears with holy smoke. Impending purification is suggested.  The boy, a reverent, humble servant of the leader of faith.  The priest, himself, along with the boy and the assembly are the presence of Christ.  
How are you called to serve in humble and holy ways? 

I keep coming back to the moonflowers.  It continued to bloom through this cycle and now produces seed pods that actually look like the corona virus – so says my Dad. And, he’s not wrong…  Again blooming in the dark, the bloom lasting until the sun hits them mid-day and then wilting, fading, so short-lived….the gift continues, encouraging me to bloom during challenging times. We are entering the dream time of the year  “What beautiful dream do I dream for my life? For this world? What is germinating in my heart? What seeds am I producing that will take root next spring?”  The plant, by the way I learned recently, is very poisonous – perhaps another nod to The Virus.  It popped up outside of the garden, on the opposite side of the gate.  It separates itself from the rest of the garden… symbolic of being apart from… isolating.  It can also symbolize taking time away… closing the door (or garden gate) so to speak and praying… meditating… breathing… transforming. 

Favorite Quotes that came to me this cycle:

“Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing.”
Seeley Booth, 
Bones S9E13
The song playing in the background:  Love Don’t Die Easy, by Charlie Worsham another great listen.  

“Faith Not fear”
~Max Lucado

Sadelle Wiltshire Meditative Arts
Written within a mandala to color shared on her FB page.

That’s IT! Dance to the music that’s playing – all in… body… mind… and spirit – whatever the tune.  No one has any control over the song, but we can control how we respond to it. We do what we can, do it in love to the best of our ability and then the hardest part perhaps… let go… lift it up and let God do the rest.  Dream that impossible dream.  Dream it in faith not fear… because Love always, Always, ALWAYS eclipses fear.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx