Full Moon

Scorpio Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: November 14 – 17

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Full MoonIntegrate feelings of loss with the anticipation of growth and regeneration.

2016 Scorpio lunation cycle, Full phase

November 14 – 17
Consider how your relationships affect your sense of abundance. Those with whom you have shared interests offer a glimpse of your hidden truth. If you are willing to look in the shadows, they will act as a vehicle for your further enlightenment.

November 14 Moon in Taurus
Make a thorough inventory of your personal and jointly held resources and engage in a discussion to gain a clear understanding of when and how they will be shared or distributed.

 November 14 – 16 Moon in Gemini
Connecting with others to work for change can be particularly effective now. Notice the topics of discussion and any repeated themes. Notice any silent spaces and how others react to them. Transform a situation by communicating your desires.

November 16 – 17 Moon in Cancer
Listen with your heart. A loving silence has the power to heal.

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