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The Ancient Art of Time Management

From the earliest simple etchings of moon phases on sticks, humanity has looked for ways to identify, measure and predict the timing of events. The cycles of the Sun, Moon and Earth are the bases for our calendars -- tools for synchronizing our activities with the rest of the world.

Lunar rhythms affect us all. These regularly repeated cycles describe the process of manifestation.  They can be applied to business endeavors, creative projects and personal growth with amazing results.

Each new cycle offers us the opportunity to know ourselves a little better; to enhance our productivity, to become aware of our response patterns, to practice our spirituality and to live life more fully.

Working with the eight phases as stages in a cycle encourages us to view life as a process by emphasizing continuity and evolution. The balance of spiritual values and material realities inherent in our approach grounds and supports creativity, bringing it to life.

We encourage you to make use of the information provided on this site. The Moon Phase Journal (coming soon), in particular, is a great tool for getting "On-Time".

Astrologically yours, 

 Sandra & David

Astrology is the study of celestial cycles and their interrelationships; a symbolic language, rich in depth of meaning.

It provides a map of themes, issues, challenges and opportunities that can be used to describe a personality, analyze relationships, understand life's cycles and plan for the future.


We invite you to visit our Products & Services page. From there you can order a variety of Astrology Reports for individuals and relationships, or shop in our On-line Store for distinctive, high quality merchandise - the perfect place for gift shopping. is handmade, maintained and fretted over by the two of us (yeah, we have plenty of Virgo energy flowing around here). If something doesn't work or if you have improvement suggestions, .

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Following the moon is all about observing the changing rythyms of life. The "Zodiac Arts News" and "What's Up" pages contain information about the current lunation cycle. Stay informed and up to date, receive updates via email.

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Sprinkled throughout our site are links to various books and products we recommend which will take you to

This is a personal favorite because Maria includes David's original tune, "Become the Deliverer: Follow the Moon to the Sun."

Moon Tides, Soul Passages

Moon Tides, Soul Passages:
Uses astrology and Goddess mythology to reveal meaning in the patterns of the Moon
by Maria Kay Simms

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