05 The Hierophant

– Taurus –
March 21-April 19




The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the figure of a spiritual master.

Symbolic of Divine knowledge, he represents the connecting link between personal and universal consciousness.

Ruled by Venus, he values the ideals of Love, Harmony and Harmlessness.

The sign of Taurus and The Hierophant card are associated with the practical application of spiritual understanding.

Confer with The Hierophant for a moment of silence and listen to the voice within which will guide you to a Truth you can act on.


Bring the consciousness of The Hierophant into your daily life:
The Hierophant image on journals, T-shirts, and mugs.


Sit with your back straight, but not stiff, left hand palm up in lap, right hand held at chest level with first two fingers extended, thumb covering remaining fingers and breathe…

Breathe in the Earth
Breathe out the Light
Breathe in Truth
Breathe out Beauty
Breathe in the Word
Breathe out Wisdom
Breathe in Peace
Breathe out Love

(Repeat 8 times)

Affirm: I Listen to the Voice of my Heart.