Crescent Moon Phase

The Moon is waxing from 45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun in the zodiac. It rises in the eastern sky shortly after the Sun. The Moon is hidden in the bright daylight, becoming visible only a few hours before and after sunset as it sets in the western sky.

The Crescent phase is Receptive and Deliberating.  It is the stage of the cycle to gather and develop your resources to protect and sustain the vision of the New. Review your assets and find the qualities that will help you to thrive. Commit to being responsible for achieving your goal. Open yourself to information and plan for action.

During this crucial phase, there is often a struggle to support the continued development of the cycle. Understanding the motivation behind the desire is vital to the function of planning for its fulfillment. What need does your goal fulfill? How can you guarantee the survival of your vision?

This phase pertains to the instinctive body. Intuition, reflex, and basic survival mechanisms preserve the imprint established during the New phase. The senses of taste, smell, and touch stimulate and support the activities of this phase. Let your instincts be your guide. Nourish yourself with your favorite foods. Relax in a bath with essential oils. Allow yourself plenty of hugs.  Light a candle. Write or read an affirmation. OBSERVE & ABSORB.

Keywords for the Crescent phase are expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity.