00 The Fool


The Fool

The Fool represents the passion and purity of purpose found in all beginnings. Cloaked in trust and innocence, he teaches us to look up and reminds us to act on our ideals.

He is symbolic of life and breath, fire, and air, the figure of Divine Energy.

He radiates vitality and promises the grand adventure.

The archetype of Eternal Youth, he is Every Human on the path of life.

Confer with The Fool at the beginning of anything new.


Bring the consciousness of The Fool into your daily life:
The Fool image on journals, T-shirts, and mugs.


Imitate the pose of The Fool: stand and face the southwest, right foot forward, arms open, chest extended, eyes looking up, breathe…

Breathe in the Sun
Breathe out the Sky
Breathe in the Earth
Breathe out the Moon
Breathe in Love
Breathe out Trust
Breathe in Life
Breathe out Joy

(Repeat 8 times)

Affirm: I Radiate Love, Life, and Light.