13 Death

– Scorpio –
October 23-Novemer 21



Death is the picture of the Grim Reaper at sunrise.

Ruled by Pluto, he teaches us to purify and transmute our energy, to “die daily” to an old way of being, to embrace a higher energy and create a new life.

The sign of Scorpio and the Death card are initiates of the Mysteries, they understand transformative power and remind us that to live is to die and to die is to be reborn.

Change is the basis of manifestation and it begins with intention.

Confer with Death when there is resistance to change.

Bring the consciousness of Death into your daily life:
Death image on journals, T-shirts, and mugs.


Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor, breathe…

Breathe in Freedom
Breathe out Depth
Breathe in Knowledge
Breathe out Intimacy
Breathe in Eternity
Breathe out Now
Breathe in Cleansing
Breathe out Release

(Repeat 8 times)

Affirm: I Am One with the One.