Celestial Cycles

We think of time as a linear movement, always pressing forward. Another way to think of time is to see it as outward moving spirals in which every day follows the same course, from sunrise to sunset; every year, from spring to autumn; day after day, month after month, season after season, year after year, the cycles repeat yet are never quite the same.


Solunar (Sun/Moon) Cycles

From the earliest simple etchings of moon phases on sticks, humanity has looked for ways to identify, measure and predict the timing of events.

Here we look primarily at the cycles of the Sun and Moon because they are the bases of our calendars — tools for synchronizing our activities with the rest of the world.

Known as the Luminaries, they are the brightest and most noticeable celestial objects in our sky. The Sun symbolizes purpose, being, essence, constancy. The Moon symbolizes habit, mood, emotion, change. Together they describe how purpose is put into action and incorporated into awareness.

Solar and lunar cycles contain the blueprints for living.
Each cycle mirrors the creative process.

The 8 Phase Cycle

A phase is a stage in the process of completing a cycle.  Each phase has the purpose of supporting the intention inherent in the cycle and the function of moving the process along to completion.

The 8-phase division is used in many traditions and can be applied to any cycle or project. Symbolically, the number 8 represents manifestation, form, and physical reality.

Understanding the attributes of each phase empowers you to blend your time and energy with nature’s. The result is a balanced and joy-filled life.

“The knowledge of cycles promotes self-healing and understanding of the human condition.” ~Robert “Buz” Myers