08 Strength

– Leo –
July 21-August 22



Strength is the figure of trust and determination. She teaches us how to still the mind, center the heart, clear the emotions, and radiate Love and Light.

Strength is associated with the heart center and the solar plexus.

Ruled by the Sun, she represents the fusion of heart and mind into a powerful force for action.

Confer with Strength whenever you wish to harness the ego, be an agent for creative action, express your divine essence, generate courage.

Bring the consciousness of Strength into your daily life:
Strength image on journals, T-shirts, and mugs.


Stand straight, legs wide for support, arms and hips parallel, knees relaxed, feet firmly on the ground and breathe…

Breathe in Purpose
Breathe out Victory
Breathe in Love
Breathe out Gratitude
Breathe in Truth
Breathe out Will
Breathe in Spirit
Breathe out Power

(Repeat 8 times)

Affirm: I Stand Firm in the Power of Love.