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This cycle has been personally challenging. Aside from my concern for friends and family members in the midst of crises, I’ve been conflicted about what is realistic and practical, and what is plain old wishful thinking.

I missed making a journal entry during the Disseminating phase out of discomfort about sharing my doubts in a public forum. My hopes and dreams for the future feel up in the air and I see no progress toward making them manifest.

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Wow, I can read the weight of the Capricorn Moon in my last entry. Fortunately, I’ve lightened up and can see the thought patterns I need to release, like the idea that I haven’t made much progress.

The motto for this cycle was Embrace The Experiment! Reminding myself of the value of experiments. To paraphrase author and inventor, Buckminister Fuller, An experiment tests a theory – the theory may be wrong, but there is always knowledge to be gleaned from the results of the experiment.  Living is learning.

Reflecting on my hopes and dreams of 19 years ago… They seemed impossible then, yet worth pursuing, and now they’ve all been realized and more.

It’s time to for me to dream a new future.

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