Aries Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: April 13 – 17

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Act from your heart.

Aries lunation cycle, 1st quarter phase

April 13 – 17

This is the time to take an action in support of your goal. Make the first move. Break free of emotional triggers that contribute to an outdated self-image. Set into motion your plans for bringing your vision to life.

A brisk walk along a moderately busy street or path will clear your vision. Make or pretend you’re making a visual recording of all your activities during this time.

April 13
Before taking any other action, start with a comfortable evening at home in self-reflection. The more nurturing you can make your environment the better.

April 14 – 16
These are good days to take the initiative and put things in motion. It takes courage to make a change. Lead with your creativity. Express your independence with loyalty and generosity.

April 16 – 17
A small adjustment to your routine now will inspire greater efforts and produce more benefits later in the cycle. The key to action now is coming from your heart. Service providers are favored.

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