Mercury Rx in Virgo August 30 – September 22, 2016

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The Magician – Gaian Tarot

Mercury Rx  in Virgo August 30 – September 22, 2016

The planet Mercury, which represents our conscious mind, our communication and our connections is associated with #1 The Magician in the Tarot. The Magician is adept at directing the power of the mind; he can be a trickster or a miracle worker. His magic lies in his concentration and the utilization of the elements at hand.

Joanna Powell Colbert pictures the Magician as a ritual drummer in the Gaian Tarot — saying, “He creates the matrix that allows magic to happen.”

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 Indications for each Sun Sign
 during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo


Conversations with coworkers or employees become emphasized. Miscommunications arise at the work place, especially in the areas of priorities and scheduling. It’s the petty details that drive you crazy in your attempt to create order out of a multitude of unrelated information. Lots of list making and even with all that analyzing, there is difficulty putting your ideas into practice. Simple tasks have to be repeated over and over. A good time to review all your daily routines.


Children and/or immature adults bend your ear with their ideas. Discussions are playful in nature and, because you do most of the listening, you are considered deep. Misunderstandings occur even in the most relaxed of atmospheres. Be clear about what you hear and say, especially if there is a risk involved. Communications regarding speculative ventures and investments are particularly prone to error. A good time to review your creative projects.



Information regarding parental influence and your early childhood holds profound knowledge. Your sensitivity to unspoken nuances in conversations with family members generates subjective responses that will have to be addressed in order to avoid misunderstandings. Gaining clarity about your emotional foundations and family relationships has a far-reaching impact on your future. A good time to review your family history or current domestic situation.



Remedial studies, neighborhood activities, travels about town and brief communications, especially with siblings or peers, are emphasized during this period. Lost messages, misdirected phone calls, letters sent to or received by the wrong person, computer errors, commuting delays and transportation glitches are among the many things that seem to go awry. Prepare to adapt. A good time for research to write an article or pamphlet for future publication.


Your personal resources, values and self-worth become popular topics of discussion; misinformation about any of which is a problem requiring special scrutiny. Mistaken information can adversely affect your bank balance. Delay the desire to shop ’til you drop or purchase items by mail, phone or on-line. Items bought now will likely be returned. A good time to review your budget, reassess your assets and plan for future purchases.


Conversations seem to focus on your personality during this period, in particular how you express yourself and your desire to be of service. You have to repeat and explain yourself continually. It’s so easy for you to be misunderstood that it’s probably best for you to remain silent. Be as clear as you can when communicating who you are to others. A good time to review how you appear to others and make plans for improving or restyling your personal presentation.


Psychic impressions contain information to be studied. Keep an idea book and put everything down that comes to you, but keep your plans secret. Speaking of secrets, expect to hear everyone else’s as you are an excellent listener during this period. You will be prey to unfounded fears and anxieties, so make an extra effort to determine what’s real and what’s not. A good time to review your spirituality and belief system.


Social groups, clubs and organizations are a source of information. Contact with friends and supporters can help to sort out your confusion about your personal financial security. Listen to their advice but don’t allow them to influence your decisions out of a sense of loyalty. Be careful about making commitments that could be misunderstood. A good time to review career benefits as well as your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.


You’ll need a lot of patience during this period because everything you say seems to be up for criticism. You feel urged to go public with some information even though your better judgment says to wait. As long as you’ve checked and double-checked the information, everything should be okay. This is especially true if you have presented the same information in the past. A good time to review your career goals and how you present yourself in public.



Philosophy, religion and foreign studies contribute valuable information. Communicate with teachers, mentors and in-laws for advice, but in the end keep your own counsel. Be aware of saying things that could be misinterpreted. In fact, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself during this period. Go over all documents signed by others with a fine-toothed comb. A good time to study alone and review all plans in formation.



Hidden information becomes revealed, usually accompanied by a crisis. Conversations can be misleading and you might inadvertently betray a confidence. Be especially careful when filing tax forms and filling out insurance claims. Difficulties lie in the simplest of details. Important papers get mislaid, but you could also find papers that were lost in the past. A good time to review insurance policies, your will and all joint holdings.



Communications with doctors, accountants and attorneys as well as with your significant other have extra importance during this period. Take the time to restate what has been said to be sure that there are no misunderstandings. Let someone else prepare the contracts, but read them over yourself at least twice. Encourage your mate to talk and listen carefully to what they have to say. A good time to review partnership agreements.

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