Virgo Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: September 5 – 9

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Who helps you stay balanced?

Virgo lunation cycle, Crescent phase

September 5 – 7
Tensions arise as you prepare for the future. Breaking free of old patterns presents a challenge. Reduce frustration by exploring your resources, look especially for those that harmonize with or complement your vision.

Inventory your relationships and daily routines. Which ones give you the greatest satisfaction? Which ones support your goals? Which ones are unproductive? What new habit would improve your life?

September 5 – 7 Moon in Scorpio
The tendency to obsess over insignificant details will undermine your efforts. A little detective work can be most effective in determining your resources and helping you plan. Hidden agendas are the biggest threat to your success. Focus on eliminating unhealthy patterns.

Supportive aromatherapy: Clary Sage or Patchouli

September 7 – 9 Moon in Sagittarius
The quest for truth can leave you confused. Old beliefs foster self-righteousness. Additional knowledge is necessary. Seek guidance from a trusted source to determine where your education is lacking.

Stress relieving suggestion: Drink a cup of Chamomile tea.

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