Virgo Lunation Cycle, Gibbous Phase: September 12 – 16

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Having a routine allows you to improvise.

Virgo lunation cycle, Gibbous phase

 September 12 – 16
This phase is about refining your intention. Remember, the Virgo lunation is about your occupation, daily routines, diet, health, hygiene, employees and pets. This is an excellent time to use your analytical skills to recognize patterns of behavior that either support or hinder your vision for the cycle. This is a prime time to review writing or communication projects. Take a creative break and play with new ideas.

For greater effectiveness, give your revised vision form. Draw a picture, take a photo, create a collage, or a mind map.

 September 12 – 14 Moon in Aquarius
Take notes; the ideas fly fast. Analysis is more difficult with the short attention span prevalent at this time. Add a touch of whimsy to stimulate your creativity. Inventive techniques will put you ahead. There are innovative solutions to be found.

September 14 – 16 Moon in Pisces
Self-trust and self-love are the first secrets of success. Treat yourself and others with compassion when sensing imperfections. Explore ways you might add a spiritual or sacred aspect to your routines.

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