Pisces New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Pisces New Moon
March 13, 2021
23♓️03 Cazimi
In the Heart of the Son

“Think of yourself not as you see yourself in the mirror but as you feel yourself when you pray for what you most dearly wish. See yourself not as a physical being but as a dreamer, a hoper, a lover of the light, an idealist. See those energies of intention that have nothing to do with the manifestations of the world. This is the beginning of the magical personality: to perceive yourself more truly than you can with the mirrors of the world.”
~ Q’uo

On March 13 the Aquarian Lunation ended and the Pisces Lunation, the final Lunation of the natural year, began. With this new moon I was introduced to a new term: Cazimi which is the position of a planet or the Moon in tight conjunction with the Sun within 17’ (17 minutes of arc.)   (http://theastrologydictionary.com/c/cazimi/)This position is said to be of great strength, the planet is fortified by the Sun’s rays – it is also said to be “in the heart of the sun.”  Because of my faith and what I believe, I automatically turned the phrase to “in the heart of the Son.” 

The Mandala

It was not hard to see a cross at the center – a symbol heavily contemplated at this time of year for people of Christian faith and traditions.  A symbol of death – torturous death – and, without a body or corpus,  resurrection.  Christians often begin and end their prayers marking themselves with this sign.  The offset cross, in white and gold, represent the colors of Easter and Resurrection and complete the first set of 8.  It reminds me of the white cloth often draped over the cross throughout the Easter season.

Next out a five pointed star – in the Christian tradition represents the five wounds of Jesus on the Cross – in golden yellow to represent the gift of that sacrifice.

The second set of 8 are  the petals of the flower in red-purple – the color associated with Lent.

My favorite symbol in the mandala, our 3rd set of 8, are the outer almost almond-like shapes.  They look like fish to me, similar to an ikhtus which was a secret symbol adopted by early Christians.  I love how they  represent a community – the Body of Christ.  Here in peach the color of compassion.

Six circles give us ever deepening waters in aquas and blues.  Keywords for 6 are love, beauty, pleasure, artistry, helpfulness and family.  ‘Home’ would be a general theme for these key words.

As mentioned, 8 is significant here.  The keywords for 8 are power, expansion, ambition, will, strength.  There are many references to 8 in Christian scripture and teachings.  We often hear about “the 8th day,” that of resurrection and new life.  So important was this teaching that many early baptismal fonts were often octagonal.

The Month

The Pisces Lunar cycle is like the final phase of the moon.  Keywords for the Balsamic Phase are: transition, release, transformation, renewal, purity.” ~ ZodiacArts.  It’s time to let go of what no longer serves and rest to prepare for the new natural year.  If we allow it, there is an ease to this time… space… in which to piddle, float and dream beautiful dreams of what could be – of what might be possible in the coming days. (Drozda, Wren House) The power of this time out of time can be truly transformational. Meditation is especially helpful during this time as is time away from others.  Think hermit.

To assist in resting and releasing, I created some purifying bath tea, made from sea salt, blackberry leaf, calendula, lady’s mantle, red raspberry, and sage essential oil help to exfoliate and tonify the skin and protect my energetic self as well. Tub time was suggested for this cycle years ago as a birthday gift I gave to myself one year.  Each month I would receive a tea and a spiritual practice or something to aid in the energy of the cycle. I may continue to use these bath teas for new and full moons throughout the year.  

“All things protect themselves: seeds protect their rich inner nutrients with a hard outer coating; your ribcage protects its valuable contents; the hearth sheathes herself in atmosphere and magnetics.  So should we cultivate a regular practice to protect our growing, gorgeous selves from interference.” ~ Moondance Botanicals.

Retreats are not unusual at this time of year.  They help us peal back the  layers of the onion and relsease what needs to go so as to reveal our true, authentic, Christ-like selves. I attended two, online retreats this season.  Not your typical retreats but very fruitful none-the-less.  I look forward to continuing to cultivate their fruit this year.

“Let me make something beautiful today, Spirit, something beautiful with my life. Let me offer myself freely to you, to use as you will, holding back nothing, venturing everything, trusting in you with my whole heart. I do not know how many days I have to share what I can of goodness and kindness. I only know that if I am to pass on a blessing, now is the time to do it. This small span of years beneath the sun is an invitation, a chance, to make something beautiful from what I have around me, to be creative in how I care, to stretch the limit of my love, to climb to a higher place, to see the edges of what I have dreamed. Let me make something beautiful of my life, today, and every day, Spirit, something that will add beauty to your creation.”
~ Steven Charleston

I once heard a Paulist priest say it is good for us to see a cross sans corpus – without a body – because if Jesus is there, there is no room for us.  As the song goes, “take up your cross, the Savior said, if you my disciples be.”  Embracing our dark side… the shadow… the side we’d just as soon divorce, hide or ignore has been a way of life for me for many years.  I didn’t like what I was hearing on the tape in my head so I just told it to shut up – literally.  This came to light during one of the online retreats I attended.  I am finally at a place in this life where I can begin to listen once again and find myself responding in a more kind and, perhaps, motherly way to this wounded child.  I can see a theme of the power of the mind emerging for this year – evident in both retreats I attended.

While there are many ways we can cultivate a more Christ-like way of being, there is absolutely nothing we can do to live in the heart of the Son.  Nothing.  Yes, nothing.  Because it is not up to us.  In truth, we are already there.  From the beginning of time we have been loved, treasured and lovingly held in the heart of Love.  And, like a mother’s love, there is nothing that we, as children, can do that will remove us from that heart.  All we can do is live in gratitude for this great gift and make something beautiful today as a remembrance that we truly dwell in the heart of the Son who shows us the way by His love-filled example.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx
Soli Deo Gloria