Crescent Phase, Pisces Lunation Cycle

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

Crescent phase Mar 17 – 20, 2021

The energy of the Crescent (waxing crescent) phase relates to developing the resources necessary for fulfillment of the cycle’s desires. It begins with translating the New phase’s visions into words, making a commitment and forming a plan of action.

The tiny figure of Quan Yin sits in the center of my medicine wheel anchoring my intention and personal affirmation for this Pisces lunation cycle: “I hear and attend to the need for kindness.”

In line with my altar for the cycle, I chose a variety of Rose Quartz pieces for the four directions (active phases) and tiny crystal wands for the cross-quarters (restive phases).

My 2021 Pisces lunation cycle 8-phase medicine wheel

There is extra special meaning in the #1 Grandma palm stone sitting in the South. It was given to me many years ago by my youngest grandson, who this year fathered my first great-granddaughter. This Pisces lunation cycle has become a container for my faith in the future.

We are especially sensitive to the senses during the Crescent phases. I like to work with aroma therapy and was fortunate to be gifted recently with a bottle of the essence of White Sage. A whiff of White Sage and I automatically relax; it says home to me. Is there a scent that says home to you?

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