Gemini Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: June 12 – 16

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Do something different.

Gemini lunation cycle, 1st quarter phase

June 12 – 16
The decision to find a better way of communicating will free your mind to connect in new ways. It’s time to take an action that will increase your knowledge and set your goals in motion.

Physical activity is key getting things moving. Contact your siblings. Sign up for a class or register for school. Go out and talk to car salesmen.

June 12 Moon in Virgo
Be discerning about the words you choose to speak. Ask how you can be of service. Attend to the details of every day life.

Taking care of routine chores, which require you to get up and move will stimulate your thoughts.

June 13 – 14 Moon in Libra
These are good days to initiate a conversation with your partner or mate about how the two of you can work together to improve your communication habits.

Start the conversation while walking through an art museum, gallery, or design center. The beauty and movement will keep your talk harmonious.

June 15 – 16 Moon in Scorpio
It will take willpower to focus on moving forward through a multitude of distractions. Passions inspire action.

Find a physical outlet to release powerful feelings. Chop wood, hit a punching bag, play in a competitive ball game, or engage in vigorous dancing.

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