Imagining New Heights

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

New Phase January 5 -9, 2019

Capricorn Lunation Cycle, January  5 – February 2, 20192019 Capricorn New Moon Mandala to color

See the chart for the Capricorn New Moon, along with our advice for this lunation cycle, at Zodiac Arts New Moon News.

Use the 3.5 days of the New phase to form your intention for the cycle. Arrange for some solitude to gain a deeper sense of purpose and direction. Meditate on the Capricorn New Moon — visualize what it means to you. Imagine yourself at the top of your game. How does that feel?

Practicality guides your thoughts, making decisions easier. Rather than enacting or discarding kinky ideas, imagine ways they could be developed or worked into your plans.

Consider the house of your natal chart that holds 15º Capricorn 25″. That is the area of your life that will benefit most from your attention during this cycle.

What you see in your environment and the feelings evoked during the new phase inform and anchor your experience for the cycle. Therefore, the more emotionally satisfying visuals you can expose yourself to, the better.

Meditation for the Capricorn New Moon

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor,

breathe deeply…

inhale Peace…

exhale Strength…

inhale Patience…

exhale Wisdom…

inhale Renewal…

exhale Realization…

Imagine yourself as a tall and elegant tree

Your branches providing structure for other living creatures

Sense the weight, strength, and stability of your trunk at ground level

Feel the security provided by your foundations

Imbibe the sustenance and support of your extensive root system

Observe the amazing organization and architecture of your entire tree being

Notice how it gives you strength and flexibility

Follow your imagination up through the tips of your limbs and leaves

Up to your highest point of growth

Consider the wisdom gained from this perspective

What have you mastered?


Color the Capricorn Mandala using colors that express your meditative experience or find an image of your vision of success  to use as a focus point for inspiration throughout the cycle. Create a Certificate of Achievement with your name on it.

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