What does it take for you to feel secure?

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Cancer Lunation Cycle, July 12 – August 10, 2018

Affirmation: I am at home in my heart.

2018 Cancer New Moon Mandala to color

2018 Cancer Lunation Cycle

The New Moon in Cancer begins a 29.6-day cycle illuminating your security issues.  It is about nurturing and being nurtured. The role of food and housing, which sustains and secures both the physical and emotional bodies, becomes emphasized during the Cancer lunation cycle, as does the element of water. Take the opportunity this cycle to observe your emotions and moods.  Let your imagination and intuition guide you to new levels of understanding.

See the chart and the details specific to this Cancer New Moon, along with our advice and more relating to this cycle at Zodiac Arts New Moon News.

New Phase: July 12 – 9, 2018

Use the 3.5-days of the New phase to form your intention for the cycle, focusing on the development of your emotional awareness.

It is important to be mindful of the visuals that catch your interest. Notice the images that come to your mind when the subjects of your heritage (cultural, religious, nationality), your home, your family, and most important, your personal feelings and how you handle them come up. Collect images that give you a sense of security.  Color the 2018 Cancer Mandala in colors that most appeal to you. These images will assist you in setting your intentions for the cycle.

A Meditative Visualization for the Cancer New Moon

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor,

breathe deeply…

inhale Security …

exhale Determination …

inhale Adaptability …

exhale Victory …

inhale Change …

exhale Growth …

Imagine yourself floating down a river on a raft,

Letting the currents navigate your way,

You close your eyes as river widens,

And you

Listen to the water lapping against the side of the raft.

Feel the raft rocking you gently,

As you drift slowly down stream.

Visions of dinner arouse your hunger,

A sudden increase in speed diverts your attention.

Alarmed, you open your eyes

to see a patch of rough water looming in the distance.

You quickly size-up the situation, grab an oar,

and steer your way around the rocks and whitewater.

Take a moment to feel the excitement,

The exhilaration of making it through the rapids.



Know that you have found your way to a safe harbor.

The currents have brought you home.


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