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Mission Accomplished!

2016 Sagittarius Lunation Cycle
November 29 – December 28

December 28
Balsamic phase

My intention for this cycle was to consider the direction I want to take in 2017, while making holiday cards. The cards were completed and all but a hand full have been mailed. Embellishing and assembling the cards became a meditation. I aspire to continue some kind of regular creative practice. Perhaps something I can change up each month to keep me motivated.

In keeping with my advice for this phase, I must come to terms with what needs to be released.

Here’s my situation:

The Moon Phase Calendar for 2017 isn’t finished and I have no idea when it might be or, if it even will be and I’m feeling frustrated.

I have not written anything for the Capricorn New Moon and I’m feeling pressured.

Here’s my release:

Our personal and professional responsibilities must be our priority in 2017 even if it threatens the loss of something we love doing. Taking care of these things is the only realistic way forward. There is a bitter-sweetness to letting go. Please see the Update on the 2017 edition of the Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Calendar.

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