Libra New Moon Mandala Keefer

2017 Libra New Moon Mandala

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Libra New Moon Mandala October 19, 2017 The Strength of a Woman “When we say things like “people don’t change” it literally drives scientists crazy… because, change is literally the only constant in science. Energy… matter… it’s always changing… morphing… merging… growing… dying. It’s the way people try Not to …


2017 New Moon in Libra

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Libra: The Scales Libra glyph: The Sign of Libra The sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, is associated with balance, harmony and beauty. Libra is an air sign with a focus on communication and aesthetics. There is an emphasis on peacefulness, sociability, cooperation, and fellowship. Issues involving relationships, partners, contracts, …


Libra Lunation Cycle, Balsamic Phase: October 26 – 30

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Find balance within quiet companionship. Libra lunation cycle, Balsamic phase October 26 – 30 This is the last phase of the Libra lunation cycle. Become a hermit and contemplate how your relationships support you and release those that no longer serve your best interests. This is a time for rest …


Libra Lunation Cycle, Last Quarter Phase: October 22 – 26

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Be responsible in all your relationships. Libra lunation cycle, Last Quarter phase October 22 – 26 Time to take the final action necessary to bring balance and harmony to your relationships before the cycle ends. You must honor your personal needs for a foundation of emotional security in order to fully …


Libra Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: October 19 – 22

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An active body balances an active mind. Libra lunation cycle, Disseminating phase October 19 – 22 This phase offers you the opportunity to clarify what you have learned about your ability to relate effectively. Demonstrate your capacity to stay on point, speak your truth and treat others with respect. Share your …


Libra Lunation Cycle, Gibbous Phase: October 12 – 15

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Take a creative break and invite your partner to play. Libra lunation cycle, Gibbous phase October 12 – 15 These few days provide the opportunity to refine your relationship intentions. Let your imagination be your guide; allow yourself to fantasize about ways they could be improved. This is an excellent …


Libra Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: October 4 – 8

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Invest in your relationships. Libra lunation cycle, Crescent phase October 4 – 8 Explore your past and existing relationships, prioritizing them in terms of how much you value them. List the things about each one that makes you happy and list the things you’re missing from them that you would …