Cancer cycle, Last Quarter phase: August 6-10

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Determination is the path to success.

Cancer lunation cycle –  Last Quarter phase

August 6 – 10
What is the status of your intention or goal for this cycle? Acknowledge your responsibility for the results thus far. Decide how best to proceed, even if it requires some restructuring. You have more support than you realize. Be thankful for friends that are like family and family that are friends.

August 6 – 7
Align your decisions with your values. Focus on the idea that change is necessary for your emotional and material stability.

August 8 – 9
Do your communications reflect your feelings about home and family? Have you told your support system how grateful you are for them? This is a great weekend to attend or host a family dinner.

August 10
The decision you make must favor your own self-care. Your personal and emotional security trump the concept of ‘family first’.