Cancer lunation cycle, Balsamic phase: August 10 – 13

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Take a respite from drama. Release feelings hampering your growth. Focus on the power of love.

Cancer lunation cycleBalsamic phase

August 10 – 13
The light of the Moon is almost gone. The darkness suggests it’s time enter your sacred space and dream of the future. Turn within; rest and rejuvenate. Release your fears. Acknowledge your feelings. Imagine watching the thoughts that threaten your inner peace melt into thin air.

August 10 – 12
Become conscious of what you have learned about your home, family, and sense of security since this cycle began. Find peace in solitude. Find comfort in self-care.

August 12 – 13
Open your heart and let your creative imagination flow. Focus on the feeling of love. How does it feel to love and/or to be loved? These are the feelings to carry with you into the new cycle.