New Moon in Cancer June 23, 2017

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Cancer symbol: The Crab Cancer glyph: Cancer Cancer is a holistic or feminine sign, containing both the father and mother principles of protector, provider, nurturer and supporter. Ruled by the Moon, there is an emphasis on rhythmic cycles, memory, intuition, and an inspired imagination. Issues involving the public, homeland, tribe and …


Cancer Lunation Cycle, Disseminating Phase: July 23 – 26

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What have you learned about mothering? Cancer lunation cycle, Disseminating phase July 23 – 26 This phase is about demonstrating your knowledge, sharing resources, and being open to transformation. What have you learned about your feelings since the beginning of the cycle? What stirs up your insecurities? How does your …


Cancer Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: July 19 – 22

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How do you feel about collaboration? Cancer lunation cycle, Full phase July 19 – 22 Interaction with others will illuminate how well you are processing your emotions. The challenge of this phase is to integrate practicality with sensitivity. Cooperation is central to achieving balance. Arrogant words can distort reality causing …