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Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Gemini Lunation Cycle, June 13 – July 12, 2018

Affirmation: I rejoice in this time of brilliant illumination.

2018 Gemini New Moon Mandala

2018 Gemini Lunation Cycle

The New Moon in Gemini begins a 29.6-day cycle of gathering information in preparation for action you will take over the summer. During this lunation cycle you have the opportunity to to better understand how you make connections, how you communicate, how you process information, and how you can make enlightened choices. The key to getting the information you need lies in knowing what questions to ask in order to make well-thought-out decisions. How can you create new or more concrete connections within your community?

See the chart and the details specific to this Gemini New Moon, along with our advice and more relating to this cycle at Zodiac Arts New Moon News.

New Phase: June 13 –  16, 2018

Use the 3.5-days of the New phase to form your intention for the cycle, focusing on the illumination of your thought processes, communication skills, and ways of connecting.

It is important to be mindful of the visuals that catch your interest. Notice the images that come to your mind when the subjects of communication, information, education, transportation, siblings, neighbors, local commutes and local communities come up. Collect images that stimulate your curiosity.  Color the 2018 Gemini Mandala in colors that most appeal to you. These images will assist you in setting your intentions for the cycle.

Gemini Meditation

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor,

breathe deeply…

inhale Freshness …

exhale Peace …

inhale Wisdom …

exhale Truth …

inhale Light …

exhale Love …

Imagine yourself on a beautiful day,

Some where with a breath taking view of the sky,

Find a comfortable spot to sit.

Look up and out


Watch the clouds move

Blown by the winds,

Gathering, dissolving and sometimes reforming.

Let your thoughts float easily along,

Moving from cloud form to cloud form.

Be still.



Let your mind rest on a cloud,

Watch the cloud








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